Crimea Street

Beginning:       25 Des Fêtes street
End:                  182 Aubervilliers street and Gaston-Tessier street
Length:             2540 m
Creation:          1855 to 1862
Denomination: April 2, 1868

Crimea is a peninsula located in the south of Ukraine that juts into the Black Sea. This street is named in commemoration of the Crimean War (1854-1856).

Peninsula of Crimea

A view of the Crimea Street
A view of the Crimea Street
An other view of the Crimea Street
Crimea Hotel, 188 Crimea Street

In the vicinity of Crimea street there are bus stops with the name of Crimea:
Flandre Avnue
Crimea Street
Ourcq Street
Address: Crimea Street 75019 Paris
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