Mayran Street

Beginning           La Fayette street ( Square Montholon)
End                     12-16 Rochechouart street
Length                137 m
Denomination     March 2, 1864

It pays homage to Joseph Decius Nicolas Mayran (1802-1855), general of division.

Joseph Decius Nicolas Mayran was born January 19, 1802 in Saint-Dominique. He graduated from the military school Saint-Cyr in 1821. He was elevated to the rank of knight of the Legion d'Honneur in 1837, to the rank of officer in 1850 and to the rank of commander in 1854. He was killed during fights of Sevastopol in Crimea on June 22, 1855.

Mayran street seen from the La Fayette street (on the right Montholon public garden)
Mayran street
Mayran street seen from the Rochechouart street (At the bottom Montholon public garden)
Address: 75009 Paris
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