Today, when one travels the capital of the United Kingdom (London), of the France (Paris), of the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia (Turin) and Istanbul (capital of the Ottoman Empire), one can see that this war has left many imprints and memories in these cities. I wanted to document everything that commemorate the Crimean War in these four great cities of Europe in a single website.

Malakoff avenue

Malakoff avenue  is a street in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. It forms the boundary between the Dist... READ MORE


Malakoff impasse

The Malakoff impasse is a 65m long and 5m wide road located in the Porte-Dauphine district of the 16th arrondi... READ MORE


The Skirmisher statue

The skirmisher is a limestone statue of Auguste Arnaud, made for the old Alma bridge in Paris. With the const... READ MORE